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Monday, July 10, 2006 launches has launched with their style of selling. With true Wootness of daily deals (rather than Woot's own weekly wines) Radcru is launching with a deal that really isn't much of a deal. They're selling you a US$60 bottle of Titus 2002 Lot 1 Red Table Wine for...$60.

Yes, this is a very good bottle of wine. Probably one of the best in its price range, but it's a 60 dollar bottle for 60 dollars. The only thing that this deal really has going for it is a) this isn't a super easy wine to find and b) it's 50% off shipping, but only if you buy 2 or more bottles.

Color me underwhelmed.

We'll have to keep a watch on and see if they up the ante or just push wine at retail price like all the other wine sites out there. - []


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Paul Mabray said...

Thanks for mentioning RadCru - we are their partner, Inertia Beverage Group. I understand what you are saying about the pricepoint of the wine. Trust me, the wines will vary in price but the one thing we will try to help them maintain is a selections of hard to find wines from artisan producers or hard to get wines from the larger wineries. And sometimes they will be able to pull a major discounting deal from a quality boutique producer. I think that the offerings will not appeal based on price but the desire to explore new great wineries from around the world. It is for the explorer wine consumer who is willing to take a risk. Also remember that these wineries often are sold out of their wines and they never discount so RadCru being able to negotiate reduced shipping is incredible for an allocated wine.

I look forward to the continued review of the wines they display - we have seen a huge response from the Titus and hope to see it continue to grow so that other consumers can find unique and artisan brands to try.

Inertia - Powering the Wine Revolution

---Paul Mabray - CEO