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Monday, July 24, 2006

Smirnoff and James Bond

I know this is about vodka and James Bond, but I couldn't resist putting up a pic of the new Bond girl, Eva Green.

Smirnoff has had quite an illustrious history with James Bond, starting way back in Dr. No when he ordered his martini and was served Smirnoff. Hey, there weren't as many choices then, but it was this drink choice that sparked off the change from gin to vodka for the martini.

These days, there ARE a lot of choices, but Diageo has a ton of money to throw at the problem so now Bond will once again be drinking Smirnoff in the latest release of a remake of a movie that's made from a book, Casino Royale. Poor Daniel Craig, he doesn't even like martini's and now they have him guzzling from the vat of vodka complacency.

See the new Bond film, and Eva Green, on November 17.

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