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Thursday, July 13, 2006

TikBar TV

I finally found it. The End of the Internet.

It's the big game. The final boss was hard. I need to search no more. It's game over, man. GAME OVER!

Tiki Bar TV is probably the best webisodic series on the Internet right now. It takes a single drink and builds an entire episode around with easily one of the most interesting, well-suited, and fun casts of any television show you've ever seen.

Go on, try it. Watch episode 1, I dare you. "Man, this is kind of weak" you'll say. Then watch episode 2. By episode 3 you'll realize that I've totally screwed you, you're going to spend the rest of your day watching every single episode in the library in its entirety. You won't be able to pull yourself away from the adventures of the always dry Dr. Tiki, the perfect bartender Johnny Johnny, and the infectious Lala (First name La, last name La and children matter to her). The host of supporting cast members comes on strong and advance the end-goal: Getting hammered.

With helpful advice along the way such as how volcanoes are made, pulling lines from Star Wars or War Games, or pearls of wisdom (If you turn your back on Science, it'll take you from behind), you can watch as they try to do their lines as inebriation sets in. By the end of episode 18 you'll cry yourself to sleep in happiness with dreams of having friends just like that. You'll even find the meaning of Love. Oh, and they always find a way to fit one instance of the word "fuck" in to every episode. Need I say more?

Go watch it now. Please don't return to this blog until you do. That is all.

Thanks to Martini-Lounge reader Dayne for the tip. You dirty bastard.

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