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Wednesday, July 19, 2006


One Spring Break I went to Padre Island in the South of Texas with the sole idea of seeing how much money I could make off of drunken, sunburned, sexually charged college students. I found a temporary fortune in solving one of these problems.

I carried a backpack with a reservoir full of sunscreen and a spray nozzle attached to it from a plant watering spray bottle. A handy little contraption. I charged $5 per spray down (no rubbing involved, know how that can go) and I very easily made enough to pay for my trip, have a blast in the evenings, and pay my tuition for that semester. Not bad for two week's work.

Oh that I had this little toy. I could have quit college altogether and funded my million-dollar making idea, Abe Vigoda Toilet Seats.

The Tote-A-Keg comfortably holds a 2.5 gallon keg with room left over for ice and a few snacks. It'll also hold the smaller height 3 gallon kegs, but that's unproven.

The kit comes with all the goods you need. CO2, hoses, the spigot, and a handy dolly format that makes it easy to lug it around.

Tote-A-Keg Wheel Around Traveler
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