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Wednesday, July 19, 2006 adds functionality

A few people have won the real estate grab for mindshare when it comes to consolidating wine sales from thousands of wineries in to one site. This means that any of the smaller wineries that want to sell their online, or are already doing so, can be found easier through a single portal. Though I don't know of the actual agreements they sign, it doesn't seem that there's anything stopping a winery from being listed in the few major portals that are out there.

The ones that I see and hear the most of are Inertia Beverage (through their own site as well as and WineWeb.

Most of the new features of WineWeb lean towards helping the retailers get more info and sell their stuff better, always a good thing. If you help retailers sell their stuff, consumers can get what they need as well.

Things I like about the site:

  • Easy to use from the first page
  • Loads of wineries
  • Shipping is calculated as soon as I add something to my cart, so no surprises and no having to put in my credit card first
Things that need work:
  • I should only have to input my shipping state once
  • If a winery doesn't ship to my state or doesn't have anything input, they shouldn't show up in my search results
  • Needs to integrate reviews when possible
I'm looking forward to this technology and sales channel maturing. Expands Winery e-Commerce and Website Services - []
WineWeb - []