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Monday, August 14, 2006

Bottle Service Illegal in Chicago

Bottle service is one thing at most clubs that I love and hate. I love the idea of having a bottle of alcohol at my disposal with a waitress waiting to make my drink, plus the luxury of having a place to sit down rather than stand with the masses and hope that some hot girl will rub up against me by accident.

The part I hate is paying US$300 for a bottle of Stoli and a few limes and if I want a bottle of vodka that costs US$10 more, such as Grey Goose, the same table will cost me US$400.

It's a moot point in the land of Chicago. The state control board ruled bottle service illegal as it doesn't allow enough control over how much patrons drink. The argument from the clubs is that a single waitress can more closely monitor patrons rather than some yutz who's ordering from multiple bartenders.

Oh thank you Government for looking out for poor hapless people over 21 who clearly can't manage alcohol without you telling us what to do.

'Bottle service' illegal, state tells bars - []

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