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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Costco and Wine Enthusiast

Costco has a pretty good wine selection most of the time, not every one is a winner, but for the most part they have wines that taste pretty good and are reasonably priced, they also have some of the more expensive wines at better prices than you can usually find elsewhere. Some stores are definitely better than others, I assume because some areas are just more prone to selling wine than others.

Though the sales charts don't always tell the whole story, US$728 million in wine sold in 2005 is nothing to turn your head and cough at.

Now Costco has teamed with Wine Enthusiast Magazine to bring ratings to the wines that they carry. Wine Enthusiast rates about 9,000 wines a year which is perfect for Costco as their stock is regularly changing. Now you'll be able to see what Wine Enthusiast thinks of that wine they're carrying that you haven't heard of.

Wine Enthusiast's ratings selected by Costco - []
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