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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Dont' Break The Bottle

Tired of bringing a great bottle of wine to someone's house wrapped in some cheap bag you got at 7-11?

Don't Break the Bottle is a nice little contraption to add some life to the gift. It goes over the cork and doesn't allow access to the bottle until the puzzle is solved, bringing joy to the entire party.

You may want to make sure there's a really good bottle inside of it to be confident that they'll make the extra effort required to open it up, assuming other bottles have been drunk and frustration sets in.

Don't Break the Bottle: sobering parties everywhere - US$38 - [Sci Fi Tech]

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1 Comment:

Mike said...

That's pretty cool. Unfortunately, it's about 2-4x more than I'd spend on the bottle itself. However, it looks nice for frustrating your host.