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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Drunkest City in America

It was a hard fought battle. Many cities tried and failed but only one could come out victorious.

In the end, only one city could be crowned "Drunkest City in America" and Milwaukee came away with it, face-down in the gutter and begging for someone to kill them from the pain. Milwaukee reported that 70% of their drinking-age population had an alcoholic drink in the last 30 days.

Runner's up include Minneapolis-St. Paul, Columbus, OH, and a surprisingly low 4th place showing by Boston. I expected more of them, they'll have to really push for first next year.

The only thing more surprising is that the stuffy Forbes magazine is the one who conducted the ratings. Maybe they wanted to make sure they knew which cities they could better look down upon with a glowering eye.

Congrats Milwaukee! I'd buy you a drink but I think you've had enough now. Stop crying about your ex and go home and sleep it off.

America's Drunkest Cities - []


1 Comment:

StB said...

Jealousy will get you no where!

In Milwaukee, we enjoy a nice cold beer with many activities. It is an art that not many can duplicate.