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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

FOUR Alcoholic Energy Drink Review

The guys over at Four sent me a 4 pack of their goods a few months ago, however it took me a while to get in to the space that Four would make a good fit to my drinking evening.

If you remember, I talked about Four some time back. It is a malt liquor energy drink that also has Guarana, Taurine, and caffienne, just like Red Bull.

Unlike Red Bull, it has 7% alcohol and our favorite ingredient from Absinthe, the almighty Wormwood. And no, not the one from The Screwtape Letters. The Wormwood that makes you do stuff, makes you want to sex up the nearest object (animate or inanimate), and makes you wonder what the hell it's all about.

This drink is clearly being marketed towards the more than willing college crowd though it makes a great case for being the drink of choice on any party night out in your favorite town (I'll take a case of it while I'm in Vegas, ah thank you).

The Look
This is a huge can of energy love. Plus, it has Tara (pictured here in a Martini-Lounge exclusive pic) pimping the product. Seriously, I could end the review right here thanks to her.

The Taste
When I heard "Berry's" I thought that this thing would taste as sweet as a Red Bull. Don't get me wrong, I love Red Bull, but if you taste it objectively, it tastes like the ass of a Jolly Rancher. When I drank Four I found that the flavor was much lighter than I thought it would be without the overpowering syrup taste that most other energy drinks shove upon you. I'm not usually a berry fan, but I could definitely have more than one of these.

The Sex Factor
Did Four turn me in to a sex-crazed maniac on a bottle of Viagra? No. The sensation was nice though and I definitely felt the warmth. Was this the Wormwood at work? I don't know, they need to send me another case so that I can drink several and see if the effects magnify. Hey, I will go to no end to satisfy my reader's curiosity, it's how I roll.

Four has launched in Chicagoland and Arizona and I think it's a perfect fit for AZ. The college crowd there is second to none and will be chugging this stuff like it's going to give them better grades. I like it, it's worth getting, and I'd definitely get more.

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Jonathan said...

As an absinthe aficionado, I find it unfortunate that crappy and low brow advertising for stuff like FOUR should taint a wonderfully tasty drink. How many ways is this drink (and the review) wrong?

* It is not wormwood that is rumored to cause hallucinations (or "sex you up) and the like, but rather the chemical thujone, which happens to be present in wormwood.

* Thujone is a controlled substance in the US, and thus is not available. Anywhere. Including in FOUR.

* There is also considerable debate whether thujone does, in fact, cause any sort of "high". It is a legal ingredient all over the world (to certain levels) except, unfortunately, in the US.

* Others have asked the makers of FOUR for and received, their ingredient list, and while it does purport to include a wormwood extract, there is no proof of its origin.

* And, as mentioned before, it *cannot contain any thujone* for it to be legally manufactured and sold here in the US.

So the inclusion of "wormwood" is a bunch of marketing bullshit and should be treated as such.

Rick Dobbs said...

You must not be from the US, marketing bullshit is one of our Constitutional rights.

I know that Thujone is not legal in America, which is why I didn't put that it had Thujone in it. Most of your points are based on Thujone and I never stated anything about it. Maybe you're reading in to it to far in order to find a way to be offended.

As an "absinthe aficionado" I'm sure you know there are several different types of wormwood trees, some without Thujone, so it can easily have wormwood without being illegal.

Since I did not state it was Thujone, really the only point of yours that's valid is the first one, and I never stated it caused hallucinations. So maybe it was the Guarana or Taurine, maybe it was all the porn I was surfing that day.

As a final point: It's a huge can of energy drink with alcohol in it, we're not solving M-Theory here. If you need to calm down, look at the pic of the hot girl again.