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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Jack Daniel's Tequila?

The company that makes Jack Daniels doesn't even have "Jack" in their name! Brown Forman, who also make the extremely mediocre Finlandia vodka, yet aren't Finnish either, have just purchased Grupo Industrial Herradura. They make the very popular (In Mexico) Herradura vodka which is smooth as all get out and El Jimador, which is...not so smooth.

Herradura has been around forever (100+ years) and is one of the largest tequila makers in Mexico. It's Mexico, that's saying a lot!

All of the startups and acquisitions is starting to remind me of .com!

Maker of Jack Daniel's plans move into tequila
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1 Comment:

Dominik MJ said...

I don't think that Finlandia is "mediocre" - it is not worse but also not much better than Absolut or Skyy!
The flavors - especially Mango Fusion - are also not bad!
Herradura does also a lot of ordinary stuff - but they do further the exceptional Herradura Suprema Anejo - one of the best - not only tasting Tequilas - even one of the best aged spirits!
Good point for Browns Forman