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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Kendall Jackson buys Trump Vodka

The brand that can't seem to pay enough to get it's own website up and running is about to be distributed by one of the largest wine distributors in the world.

Kendall Jackson has agreed to distribute Trump Vodka to the U.S. in it's virgin attempt to move in to spirits marketing.

The vodka is considered "Super Premium" and already has orders for 40,000 cases throughout the U.S., which doesn't include any new orders that are about to come in.

I'd expect to start seeing this one in all the same places you see Grey Goose and Chopin. Too bad the name "Trump" gives me such a funky taste in my mouth that I'm sure vodka won't be able to wash it out.

Drinks Americas' Trump Super Premium Vodka to Be Distributed by Kendall Jackson - []
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