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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Oldest Bartender in NYC turns 90

Hoy Wong, you can call him Mr. Hoy, has been working as a bartender in NYC for 58 years, making him the longest running, and oldest bartender in New York.

His clientelle included the likes of Marilyin Monroe, Danny Kaye, and Judy Garland (who always had a drink in her hand). He remembers serving up martini's for a buck and scotch for 75 cents. Recently, the Algonquin, where he's worked since 1979, threw him a party for his 90th birthday that included 350 friends, old and new.

He hasn't had a drink since a heart attack since 1982 and gets two naps a day in, then goes to a job he clearly loves.

Except for that no drinking thing, not a bad deal.

N.Y.'s Oldest Bartender Celebrates 90 - []