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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Post Office sells vodka

Utopia has been found, and who would have thunk it, it's in Russia.

In most of the villages of Tatarstan, vodka is considered one of the major currencies. This became a problem recently when the government decided that any shop selling vodka had to go through heavy paperwork just to get a license to sell the stuff. Vodka was such a popular selling item and so important to their barter, most of the shops in the villages ended up having to close down.

The Post Office to the rescue.

In many of these small towns, the Post Office is the center for everything. The offices often have small stores in them that sell things that people in a small town might need, now they sell vodka as it was easier for them to get a licence than for the small shopowners, so now people head to Tatatarstan Pochtasi to get their mail, some eggs, and some extra currenty for the next day, vodka.

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