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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Put your cellar anywhere

Who doesn't want to have a magnificent cellar in their house? Being able to go down and find the perfect wine for dinner, dust off the label, and pull the cork. Then you enjoy that '85 Cain Five.

Well, you can't have it.

Not everyone can have it but the Spiral Cellar allows some people to come that much closer. If you can dig a whole in the middle of your house, then you can have your own 1,000 bottle cellar.

The door handily pulls up out of the floor and gives you steps down in to the cellar. Though it seems some complaints are of it being rather cramped, it beats that wire wine rack you have sitting on top of your refrigerator.

Innovation like this doesn't come cheap though, you'll end up spending about US10,000 to get it up and running. And is that a high chair in the picture there? Yeah, that's safe.

Spiral Cellar - US$10,000 - []
via Vinography