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Monday, August 21, 2006

RadCru puts out

RadCru put up something today that actually made me sit up and take notice.

No, they haven't started including cheesecake photo's of b-list actresses holding the wines they're selling like I previously demanded, they have an deal on a very good wine up on their site.

They have the Windsor Vineyards 2005 Sangiovese up for sale 10 days before it's actual release. For US$49.95 you can get 3 bottles of the stuff, for an extra $6 you can get it in a pretty wooden box. You know, for the kids.

The price is about $13 off what it would normally cost you at release for these 3 bottles, but getting them early and in a nice 3-pack is hard to beat. Windsor is better known for an amazing Sauvignon Blanc, but this Private Reserve Sangiovese is sure to please. The wine will ship after September 1, but with only 700 cases produced it will go pretty fast.

Windsor Vineyards 2005 Sangiovese, California, Private Reserve - US$49.95 - []

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devil.boy said...

Rick, did you end up ordering this? How was it?

Rick said...

Unfortunately, I didn't and I'm kicking myself now for not doing so, haven't been able to find it anywhere...