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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Still enough summer left for watermelon!

Texans know how to enjoy their watermelon. When I lived in Texas for school, the farm I worked on used to plant watermelons all around the perimeter, so people would steal the watermelons rather than the pricier corn.

There were always plenty of watermelons left over though and we enjoyed them thoroughly.

Straight out of Texas comes some great watermelon recipes for drankin' and a grinnin'. It's amazing how much you can do with nature's tastiest laxative.

Watermelon no longer simply a slice of summer - []


1 Comment:

Mike said...

Watermelon is arguably my favorite fruit. Not booze-related, but my dad apparently used to steal watermelons from farms as a kid. To eat them, he and his friends would simply smash them on the ground. Honestly, though, I've yet to encounter a watermelon cocktail I've enjoyed. It's usually either too artificial or the watermelon is overpowered by other ingredients.