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Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Challenge: Could you take a bottle of Vodka of the Gods and turn it in to a bottle of Precis? Or at the very least, a bottle of Smirnoff?

The vodka stick aims to do just this. Though Brita water filters have been known to be used to turn bad vodka into decent vodka, the Vodkastick makes it easier, plus it has the word "Vodka" on it so it has to be pretty good, right? It doesn't say what is in the Vodkastick but it's pretty obvious that it's a charcoal filter.

Just in case the concept is difficult, it even comes with an instruction book. I'm skeptical, but let me know if you try it, I'll gladly post on it. If you're from Vodkastick, send me one dammit!

Vodkastick - Better Vodka Cheaper - US$24.95 - []
via Days That End In "Y"


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Nathan Rose said...

I have a Vodkastick and have used it a dozen+ times. What made me really appriciate the difference that it made was the taste test that I did when I first got it. I have repeated the taste test to a few friends, and they have been equally impressed. The most drastic difference is after three filterings. The vodka still has a vodka flavor, but to compare it to unfiltered cheap vodka is really amazing. The unfiltered vodka tastes like gasoline. I have an old bottle of Stoli that I pull out after the taste test, and the filtered vodka is much smoother, that is, less burn. I suppose that a vodka snob would miss some of the subtle flavors in a very high end vodka, but I really like the results, and there almost never a hangover, really.
I have had a few filterings that have taken 30 minutes or so, but other than that I have not had any problems.