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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Weber Chill Roll Bar Fridge

Your $2500 Weber Grill sitting out on the back porch needs a friend. Seriously. It sent me a little note and told me how lonely it was. It also said that you need to actually scrub the grill and stop putting it off and telling everyone that it's "seasoning."

The Weber Portable Chill Refrigerator would look perfect right alongside it. It has two mohogany side tables and has a lift-off top so the cool stays down and the hot stays out.

This thing can hold 72 beer cans, 48 beer bottles, or 36 wine bottles. It has options for a wire caddy (shown) and for wire baskets that push the beverages towards the top. It also has wheels so moving it around between indoors and out is no problem.

Weber Portable Chill Refrigerator - []