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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

When you order a Red Bull you get a Red Bull

Not a lot of legal precedent comes out of Iowa City, IA, but one has been set.

It turns out that when people were asking for a Vodka - Red Bull, they were actually getting a Vodka - Roaring Lion, a cheaper imitation of Red Bull. This, of course, pissed Red Bull off to no end. They have a Formula One team to support after all.

Red Bull took the Sports Column Bar to court and sued their asses for substituting the drink. From now on, they have to tell customers they're using an alternative energy drink. Here's how I imagine a typical Friday night scene to go down:

(Loud Music Blares)
Patron: I'd like a Vodka - Red Bull please!
Bartender: We don't serve Red Bull here, we use an alternative called "Roaring Lion"
Patron: What? Yeah! She does have nice tits! How much is it?
(End Scene)

Now, obvoiusly they took it to court so they would have precedent, but let that be a lesson to bars everywhere! Give me what I order!

Red Bull Beats Bar - []

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Mike said...

I don't know how often this ends up in court, but I thought this was the case with all products. For example, if I ask for a Coke and they only serve Pepsi, then they need to tell you that it's Pepsi. There was a recent case concerning Smirnoff where the bar was refilling the bottle with some cheaper vodka. I believe they were fined a hefty sum.

Rick Dobbs said...

Well, the point I forgot to make, mostly because it's 1am...wait. You're east coast. What are you doing up?

See? I get distracted.

Point is, no one cares. As long as they get a buzz and are the wide-awake drunk they want to be, no one cares about the brand.