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Thursday, September 07, 2006

15 Five-Star wines from New Zealand

Forbes has been doing some nice work lately. They've been putting out some great articles on the business of running a nightclub to some killer wine recommendations.

Their latest is on 15 five star wines from the great country of New Zealand. No, it's not kiwi wine, don't be so stereotypical.

Though New Zealand is known for it's Savignon Blanc's, it's making headway in a lot of other categories as well. With Pinot's and Viogner's becoming very popular as well. Though 3 of the the top 15 are Savignon Blanc's.

The nice thing about these being New Zealand wines is that most of them are 5 star but under US$25. Not bad at all.

15 Five-Star New Zealand Wines - []
via Slashfood

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Mike said...

Now, that's a women with wine picture!