44 Degrees North Vodka Review

Ron and Ken know their vodkas. They make crazy insane concoctions and turn them in to vodka's and sell them to the poor souls that have none and they're nothing short of great.

Okay, maybe you can see where this review is going.

44 North vodka is all Idaho, baby. It's got Idaho potatoes that are distilled in to the 190 proof alcohol we all know and love. It's got Idaho Huckleberries that give it a unique flavor. It's mixed with pure Idaho water from the Snake River to keep it crisp and clean tasting.

When I talked with Ken about trying out his flavored vodkas (They also make Zygo, a peach energy vodka, but that's for another day), I wasn't quite sure what I was going to think about this stuff, but I told him I would try them and give him an honest review (Hey, I'm no pansy, I regularly slam the free stuff people send me).

The bottle
The bottle's nice and evokes thoughts of the great northern state from which it hails. A light blue, clear bottle. Simple design, easy to pour.

The pour
It looks like every other vodka that you pour. Okay, I didn't expect a lot here anyway, but sometimes you see stuff just pour out like syrup, We don't like that. We are not amused by it.

The nose
Here's where things get interesting. This stuff screams "I'm a huge fuckin' fruit drink!" I thought I was going to have to pass it off to some sorority girl to put an umbrella in it and have her night out at the Natalie Imbruglia concert. The smell was definitely of huckleberries and made no bones about it.

The taste
Here's where it gets great. This stuff was amazing. As you lift the glass your nose catches another whiff and you think you're about to bite in to a Jamba Juice Smoothie. But then the vodka hits your tongue and all the world rejoices. The taste is clean, smooth, has just the smallest hint of fruit and hits your stomach so gentle, you'd think the vodka was going to come over and rub your shoulders while you watched The Sunrise Show on HDTV. It's that great. It's not what you'd expect and everyone who tried it with me thought they had just fallen in love again as their eyes rolled back in to their heads and wanted some more. The bottle went fast.

I've concluded I want more of it. Good thing you can order it online because Ron and Ken could not send me enough free bottles to quench my thirst for it. They're welcome to try, seriously, I dare them.

The stuff doesn't sell in every state, so you have to spend some time finding it. You can purchase it through Astor Wines for US$29.99, but they're going to nail you with $18.95 shipping for it. Maybe you should get a case and save yourself the trouble.

I'm your Huckleberry...

44 Degrees North Vodka - US$29.99 - [rockymountainvodka.com]
Purchase at Astor Wines - [astorwines.com]


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