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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Mini Box Wines

The LCBO is the place to buy liquor and wines in Canada. The Liquor Control Board of Canada is actually the ONLY place to buy liquor and wines in Ontario (outside of a restaurant).

The thing I love about LCBO is that it's not what you'd expect from a government run store. It has gorgeous locations that are well designed and they have some great prices on wines and liquors. When I used to go to Toronto I would always make sure I stopped in to see what deals I could find.

One of the things they're working on now are 1 Liter packages of wine made from an environmentally sound packaging with some pretty good wines inside. The boxes hold the same amount of wine as 1 Liter of cola. The box is made from 75% paperboard, 20% food grade polyethylene plastic and 5% aluminum foil.

A few different wineries are catching on and LCBO is hoping that more wineries will jump on the bandwagon. Hmmm...looks like the boxes that chicken stock comes in.

LanPak brings wine innovation to Ontario - []