New Online Wine Retailer

It seems that wine sites are springing up once a week in the past few months. From offering super deals, to selective wines, to a huge array of wines, they're all out there.

Colorado Cellar Consulting has launched a new site that doesn't necessarily offer up the massive selection of sites like, but says that it's intent is to find the best examples of wines at a given price point.

The nice thing about the site is that they do have a great selection of wines and you could buy pretty much any one of them and be happy. They also take PayPal, which is very nice.

The bad thing about the site is that they're so over-priced as I'm almost embarrassed for them. How come some companies don't get that this is The Internet and that people can easily search for the best price. If you're going to charge people more, it can't be much more and you'd better be offering quite a value-added service. How much more? A Spanish wine I looked at was $20 more at Colorado Cellar Consulting than at a competitor. Same wine, same vintage, $20 more. No thanks.

I looked at about 10 wines and compared them to other sites, all of them were more expensive on this site. Even the "Featured" wines that they were showing at an extra special price were more expensive than most of the other sites. Not only that, none of these wines are hard to find, so it's not like that's a very good excuse for them either.

Okay, Business 101: If you're going to do the same thing as someone else, you need to find a significant value-add in order to get them to use their site. Just an FYI.

I'm going to add insult to injury by telling you to get a shorter url too. Even the one is annoying.

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