Radcru Unoriginal?

It has been brought to my attention by one of my readers that RadCru may not be an original concept in logo and name.

The similarities between the 1980's BMX movie "Rad" and RadCru.com are just too compelling. A brilliant forum member over at winemarketer.com made the connection and has an interesting essay on the "coincidence."

Jeff from Radcru.com responded on the forums saying that it wasn't intentional and he'd "never heard of it." I'm no believer. Give Radcru back to the BMXers!


Radcru - Unoriginal? - [winemarketer.com]


Anonymous said…
Too funny!
Anonymous said…
interesting. we could also say that radcru stole from that famous quote in Fast Times at Ridgemont High - "totally Rad Dude." Is no word open for use these days?
Unknown said…
Actually, no, we couldn't say that. Because that wouldn't be funny.
Anonymous said…
Honestly, don't you people have something better to do with your time then look for conspiracies?
Unknown said…
You're new to the Internet then?

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