Saty-Cold Polar Pitcher

I don't know why they call everything that's cold "Polar." Can't they call it "Antarctic?" It's the Antarctic pitcher.

Well, some marketing genius named this pitcher, which holds beer and a big thing of ice on the side, the Polar Pitcher. This allows you to order a pitcher somewhere and not bother with drinking it quickly because you're worried about having the last 1/3 of your pitcher be warm.

Bars LOVE this stuff! This allows you to drink your beer slower! That means you order less! So they don't have to work so hard and do dumb things like "make more money."

This could be a nice to have for your house and the mugs that keep the ice right down the center to match make the perfect wedding or Valentine's Day gift.

Stay-Cold Polar Pitcher - []
I stole this from Gizmodo


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