Single Serving Wine

Everytime I hear Single Serving anything, I think of the airplane scene in Fight Club about Single Serving Friends and Single Serving Packets, etc.

Single serving wines are starting to really take off for a lot of wineries who have bought in to the concept. Think about the myriad applications! No more having that entire bottle by yourself after work, thus making it so that you pass out in the fetal position while watching "America's Top Model." Or maybe you're at dinner and you want wine but your partner wants beer. Problem solved.

It would be nice if they attached a little straw to the side of it with a hole in the top so that we could share "juice boxes" with our kids. No one has to tell the little squirts that Daddy's getting hammered at the picnic.

Wines follow in juice boxes' steps with single-serve pouches, minibottles - []
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