This week's Wine.Woot

This week you'll get:
1 Jepson 2005 Screaming Rosé
1 Jepson 2003 Estate Bottled Syrah
1 Jepson 2005 Summertime White
1 Jepson 2003 Estate Red
All for the small, small price of $35.99.

Though the word "Screaming" in any wine name makes you think of either the Eagle or that someone is trying to be "Extreme," this Rose is actually pretty good.

All the wines are pretty good ones and Jepson also makes a nice Brandy if I remember correctly. Plus there's just something so pleasant about Mendocino wines. The cost normally is around US$58 before shipping, so you're getting a deal.

The awesome Alder from Vinography had good things to say about this winery too.

Jepson Winery Mendocino Mix - []


Anonymous said…
I think you have the wrong picture. The screaming one sounds particularly interesting.
Unknown said…
Thanks for catching that. Fixed.

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