This week's Wine.Woot

I know everyone waits with baited breath for their favorite martini drinker to tell them what to do with this week's Wine.Woot. Who am I to deny them? I mean, not only do I have absolutely no training in wine, but I also haven't seen "Sideways."

But boy oh boy do I love the stuff.

This week's Wine.Woot comes to use from Washington's Pepper Bridge winery. Their 2001 Cabernet Savignon sells at other sites for about $60, you're getting two bottles from The Almighty Woot for $59. That's BOGO!

The wine gets solid ratings all around and has a feel like crushed velvet going down. The good crushed velvet, not the stuff in the back of your van down by the river.

2001 Pepper Bridge Cabernet Savignon - US$59.99 - []


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