Use SMS to buy someone a drink at the bar

bCode makes buying someone a drink at your local bar super easy!

Except not.

As long as the bar has the service set up, you're still sober enough to actually text the proper bCode to the server, and you know the person's phone number in advance.

So, if maybe the bar also provides it's customers with t-shirts that have their cell phone number printed on the shirt, this isn't really that easy. Trying to buy the girl that you'll never talk to a drink from across the bar while hiding behind your friends just isn't going to happen.

I guess you'll have to go up to her and say "With all that make-up on your face, it looks okay!" then laugh like a braying donkey as usual. Oh well, at least you'll still have your action figures to comfort you.

bCode Drinks - []
via Gizmodo


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