Virtual Wine Tasting

Now you can do a professional wine tasting from just about anywhere. Tastoria is bringing the actual and the virtual together to make it so that you can taste with the pro's the wine's that they're drinking, right when they're doing it.

The idea is for you to go to a local liquor store, pick up the tasting pack, then login to an online forum that will consist of noted wine enthusiasts (besides yourself, of course) and partake in the wines and chat about them in real-time.

When you purchase the taste pack, you get 3 reds, 3 whites, some recommended pairings, and a pass code for the event.

The concept originally started in London and is now making it's way stateside to see how it goes.

Virtual wine tasting debuts in Ipswich
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Anonymous said…
I just checked the site and they have the archive of the event up for free now at

It looked like a lot of fun actually - I will definitely be trying this out.

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