World's First Pomegranate Wine Launches

Pomegranate is definitely taking off this year and rightfully so. It's tasty, not overpowering, and can be mixed easily to make unique flavors.

If it's fair that they can make a grape vodka, then it's fair to make pomegranate wine. So, they did.

A family in Galilee (that's where Jesus is from! Hey Jesus!) knew that pomegranate's don't have enough natural sugar in order to ferment properly. But we had the technology. They created a bigger, faster, stronger (Just like Col. Steve Austin! Hey Steve Austin!) pomegranate with deeper reds and more flavor. It also had more sugar, now they can make wine out of it.

The winery is high-up which, I guess, is perfect pomegranate growin' terrain. Except it's near Lebanon, so get it soon before they blow the hell out of it.

Israel's Galilee offers world's first pomegranate wine - []


Anonymous said…
That's pretty cool. I've gotten bored with all the pomegranate-infused vodkas and liqueurs now. There are too many of these press releases coming out everyday. However, a pomegranate wine is worth looking at.

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