World's most expensive wine is fake

William Koch is pretty bummed.

He bought a bunch of bottles of super expensive French wine made in 1784 and 1787 for an undisclosed sum (But probably around US$150k each). Specifically a 1784 and 1787 Château Lafite, and a 1784 and 1787 Château Branne-Mouton – Mouton-Rothschild's predecessor.

Well, he's pretty sure they're fake.

The problem is that authentic bottles are supposed to have a "Th.J" on them, the initials of Thomas Jefferson, some dude who is supposed to have owned the bottles. Turns out, analysis seems to show that the engravings were made with a power drill. Now Thomas Jefferson was a damned fine president, but no one has been able to attribute the power drill to him.

So, he's suing. The dealer, Hardy Rodenstock, says he will attest under oath that they're legit. We'll let the courts decide...

World's most expensive bottle claimed fake as renowned collector sued - []


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