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Thursday, September 14, 2006

You don't know what's in this vodka, stop faking it

I know a lot of people that drink. It comes with the whole "Blog about people who drink" territory.

However, if someone tells you that they can taste the difference between a Red Bull/Grey Goose and a Red Bull/Ketel-One, beat them about the head and neck as they are liars and their pants will be on fire very soon. Very few people can tell the difference between wheat and potato vodka's, much less two wheat vodka's.

Apparently, people can barely tell the difference between significantly different vodka's, such as a wheat vodka like Absolut and a grape vodka like Ciroc. Personally I thought Ciroc was distilled from the ass of a goat, but apparently it's from grapes. Who knew?

The BBC News took some people who are actually pretty damned good at tasting and gave them several vodkas to try and then asked them if they could tell the base. Was it grapes? Wheat? Potato? BEETS???

Well, they could only guess right about 15% of the time. What does this mean? Absolutely NOTHING. It's vodka, people need to stop trying to tell everyone how it's a terrible distillate and shouldn't be drinking it because it shows that you have no palate. Shut-up and make me a martini.

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