Duke Ellington Cognac

Duke Ellington brings back thoughts of big band parties, classic supper clubs, and a night out on the town.

It's a natural fit for someone to finally make up a drink that bears his name and even more appropriate that it's a cognac. The cognac is bottled in a heavy crystal decanter with a gold-plated crown and "The Duke" signature in gold on the glass.

This 20 year old XO blend comes straight at us from the Cognac region and costs $150 for the 750ml bottle. I have yet to taste it but the price seems right for an XO of that age from the producer, Meukow. I look forward to trying it.

The beverage will be sold at every jazz club where the Ellington orchestra makes an appearance. It also will be available at The Blue Note international chain of jazz clubs and at B.B. King's clubs, which are all owned by the same parent company.

Duke Ellington Cognac - US$150 - [bottlewatch.com]


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