Garlic Vodka

I'm not sure if Yat is a group full of geniuses or if the vodka world is so out of flavors to put in their sauce that desperation is beginning to mount. I look forward to the Milk flavored vodka. Then a return to our roots with vodka flavored vodka.

Yat has popped out with two rather unique flavors. One of them is garlic and the other is horseradish. I imagine the horseradish flavored one is probably great with a nice cut of Prime Rib and the garlic is great with just about any Italian or Spanish dish. Though the recommendation is with "jellied tongue" or "herring seasoned with spring onions." I'm sure the latter makes for some great make-out sessions. Nothing like a sultry night of necking with the smell of herring, onions, and horseradish on your breath.

Yat Flavored Vodkas

via Bottle Watch


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