Wine.Woot for Week of October 29

Hey! Yeah you! These are good wines! No, not great. But very good. Your friends will think "Wow! This is something I've never seen before and the bottle is blue. I like blue. I like wine in blue bottles. Therefore, I like this wine." Also, they will think you're attractive and know the secret code to cracking "Deal or No Deal."

The three wines in this special JanKris Paso Robles Trio are all blends, which means you'll have no idea they're from Paso Robles, but that they'll taste super yummy and unique enough to make your tastebuds stand up and preach the Power of Blue.

Plus, it's 3 bottles for US$40 and $5 shipping. Yay Blue!

JanKris Paso Robles Trio - $39.99


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