Battery operated wine opener

I've had just about every wine opener imaginable. One's that go on your keychain, fit in your glove compartment, ones that are gas powered, one of the first jackrabbit corkscrews ($120???).

There is something to be said about taking your favorite hand wine opener and massaging the cork out of the bottle. It's a time-honored and comforting ritual and despite all the gadgets that are around my house, the novelty of the wine openers eventually wears off and I'm back to my trusty hand one.

The Oster Inspire Cordless Opener may actually be something that sticks around though. When it comes to Christmas parties or regular get togethers this thing can really shine.

It opens up to 30 bottles on a single charge (Read: about 15 bottles) and has a foil cutter built in to make it quick. Now you can pop open those bottles at your parties with a minimum of fuss and move on to enjoying that bottle of Yellow Tail a guest bought.

Oster Inspire Cordless/ Rechargeable Wine Bottle Opener - $19.99


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