Bulldog Gin

Gins are starting to come out at the same pace as...well...vodkas about a year ago. Here's the neat thing though, gins actually have "character" and "depth" and won't make you look like a "complete, fucking tool" when you order it. Something vodka can rarely do.

(Awwww, Rick's sorry, Vodka. Come back. Rick didn't mean it. Rick loves you).

Though gin's are starting to use some vodka terms like "Ultra-Premium" and "100 times filtered," Bulldog Gin has put together a nice set of flavors (according to their press release, which, when printed out, tastes very good) and has a pretty cool looking bottle which will at least get you a "What the heck is that?" from someone looking at the bar.

Fun Fact: 2006 is the Chinese Year of the Dog! Perfect for the launch! Glad he got it off before 2007. Trying to launch in the Year of the Boar would have just been downright awkward.

Bulldog Gin


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