Freshies make it easy

Let's face it. Some drinks are a pain in the butt to make. Sure, they may taste tons better if you hand muddle ever single Mojito or make a Bloody Mary from your Grandma's Tomatoe Puree, but c'mon, who wants to do that stuff all the time? What are you? Mother Theresa? Now THERE was a girl who could hold her liquor!

Freshies take all that hassle out of mixing things and does it while still being all natural (Yes, just like your girlfriend). It allows you to get all the flavor of your drink and let's you get to the important part: Drinkin!

The popular (in CA) Whole Foods carries them now and you can get the yummy flavors of Margarita, Mojito, Bloody Mary (with 3 kinds of hotness), and Sweet and Sour. Perfect for your big party.



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