Global Warming makes good vodka

In the Great White North things are warming up. This means that small icebergs (Growlers) are breaking off from large icebergs. Iceberg products are now taking these Growlers and using them for the water in their vodka and gin's.

Iceberg vodka is grain distilled from Peaches and Cream corn. That's the sweet corn that has the yellow and white kernels on it. Iceberg Gin says to have the same stuff in it, though I'm not sure how that process works with the grain distillation.

The website is full of spelling errors (Apparently, they're "Candadian") and it seems that their marketing department hasn't really talked to their production department, but the bottle looks pretty cool.

No idea how much it costs but there is a video on their website about the harvesting.

Iceberg Vodka and Gin
via The Spirit World


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