Martini Lounge Gift Guide: Gadget Edition

Buying just got more fun with the Martini Lounge's Gift Guide. I'll do two of these, maybe three. This one focuses on gadgets and whatnot. The other one's will focus on wine and booze, or maybe I'll split those two up. Either way, you're getting this one and once you see it, it'll really be all you need for that alcohol loving person in your life.

No, no need to thank me. Really, your valued readership is more than anyone can ask for. Also, I like Scotch and Gin, just in case.

The Bar Master
The Bar Master stores 1,000 drinks, has a a pretty easily navigable menu, and can search drinks by various types, including occasion. It also has some pretty large buttons, which allow you to use it as you sample more and more of its library of drinks.

The little thing even demonstrates mixing techniques and has some built-in jokes, so that when your witty banter is drying up at the end of the night, you have a fully fresh repository to bring life anew to the party.

The Bar Master - US$19.95

Boxed Wine Dispenser
Boxed Wines are the new Pabst Blue Ribbon. You want to show your guests that you're not just serving them boxed wine, but that you serve everyone boxed wine and you have the dispenser to prove it!

Nothing says "Pour me another coffee mug of wine" more than having your own dispenser. Just take the bag out of your current boxed wine, dump it in here and you'll have elegant, institutional style wines, ready to serve!

Boxed Wine Dispenser
- €39

Slope Martini Pitcher and Stir Rod
Now that most people are back to making Gin martini's, then they need to be able to make them properly and with the right tools. If you were a carpenter, you wouldn't try to hammer in a nail with a 45 degree draft-angle Miter saw would you? No! You'd use a variable speed control electric hammer.

The Slope Martini Pitcher and Stir Rod is the electric hammer of the martini world. It allows you to mix your perfect concoction gently and easily and with all the class of the perfect host. It will not, however, give you shiny teeth, so go elsewhere for that.

Slope Martini Pitcher and Stir Rod - US$12.95

Inflatable Bar
The Holiday Season is Party Season! Not everyone has the built in bar like Grandpa had or the Tiki Bar in a Swank Pad like Dr. Tiki has. What about the rest of us?

The inflatable bar comes in 4 foot, 7 foot, and 11 foot variations and allows for quick and easy setup for those spontaneous parties or the ones that people have been looking forward to for weeks out.

Unlike other bars, the inflatable bar can be used as a lifesaving flotation device for when the party really gets out of hand! (Warning: Inflatable bar not to be used as a lifesaving flotation device).

The Inflatable Bar for Rent or Purchase

Barney's Martini Glass
Oh sure, there are less expensive martini glasses out there and I highly recommend you get some, but there's just something about things from Barney's. One time I bought a cup holder from Barney's and I immediately felt less impoverished and hopeless about life and was treated with respect by all my cup holder viewing peers.

This crystal martini glass is cased in black and doesn't say Barney's anywhere on it! So you'll be able to start a conversation by telling every single person that holds it exactly where you got it.

Barney's Martini Glass - US$38.00

Wine Tasting Party

Wait a minute, why does Robert Parker get to have all the fun? The guy sloshes some wine in his mouth, tells everyone it tastes like currants and 10 year-old oak, and everyone lines up to buy it. This business model is just ripe for repetition at your next party!

This Wine Tasting Party Set has 4 faux-suede sleeves that go over the wine bottles and some adorable little wine charms that label each bottle one through four. Also included are some score card holders, some scorecards, and cute little menu's for those that are taking this gift way too seriously.

Compare notes with one another after all four have been tasted and let the fun really begin! Mine tasted like Dorito's and hippies!

Wine Tasting Party - US$75

Metrokane Polar Ice Glass

Warm beer and warm white wines are the bane of your lazy afternoon! Raise yourself up from your chair and shout "I will not drink warm stuff that should not be warm because I do not like it warm!"

Well, I've never been very good at battle cries but the Metrokane Polar Ice Glass solves the problem. Fill the center piece with ice cubes and then pour up to 24 ounces of your favorite drink that is not to be watered down in to the glass and it'll stay nice and cool, ready for your drinking pleasure.

Metrokane Polar Ice Glass (Set of two) - US$12

Aposto Wall Glass and Wine Rack

We're not all wine librarians with 3000 cellar bottles and some snobby guy waiting at our beck and call in order to perfectly pair a wine in the library to the super-sized Happy Meal we're about to eat.

For the rest of us, there's the Aposto Wall Glass and Wine rack. This cool piece of wall hanging love holds 8-12 glasses and 4 bottles of wine ready to be used and to keep the wine that you're actually drinking close at hand.

Even if you already have all the wine gear, this one can easily be used for your "everyday" wines and glasses.

Aposto Wall Glass and Wine Rack - £79.95

Swivel Liqueur Glasses

Great liqueur's have to be savored out of great glasses. These swivel liqueur glasses are the best I've seen for doing exactly that. Their wide body, narrowing to the opening, and stemless so they swivel as you set them down, mixing the flavors and releasing the aromas, make them perfect for a great drink and intimate chat.

The beauty of these glasses are the price. A set of two cost only US$45 and they'll make a fantastic, unique, and memorable gift for the person who can appreciate them most.

Swivel Liqueur Glasses (Set of two) - US$45

The Booze Belt
Just kidding. Don't get this. I'm totally joking. I just put it here to see if you were still reading this.

If you do get it, I will seriously come beat you up.

The Booze Belt - US$89.99

Pewter Octopus Wine Aerator

Not everyone wants to wait for a decent wine to breathe in order for it to open up. If I wanted to drink a glass of wine 20 minutes from now, I would have opened it in 20 minutes!

This wine aerator goes over the top of your decanter and allows the wine to flow through it and around it in order to quickly aerate and allow you to drink it that much faster. And anything that allows you to drink something faster is a Martini Lounge favorite!

Pewter Octopus Wine Aerator
(Also available in Sea Horse and Puffer Fish) - US$29.95


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