Slashfood Gin Notes Roundup

There are only a few sites that I look forward to reading everyday. One of them is Slashfood. I actually have it at the very bottom of my RSS feeds list so that I have it as my "reward" for getting through my feeds.

They fine editors there have fought the good fight and reviewed over the past couple of weeks some off the more well-known, and 1 or 2 less popular, gins.

Gins are taking their rightful place at the head of the martini class as people are figuring out that vodka tends to be pretty standard. Sure vodka can go with almost anything (and I still absolutely love it), but gin has character and definition that vodka regularly lacks.

So, the reviews are:
The author, Jonathan Forester, clearly knows his gin's and published a Gin 101 to kick it all off. All of them worth the read.


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