Book recommendations

Two book recommendations made by others came to my attention and they both look like good ones so I thought I'd pass them on.

Miss Charming's Guide for Hip Bartenders and Wayout Wannabes: Your Ultimate One-Stop Bar and Cocktail Resource is a fun, go-to source for drinks and entertaining and all the way to complete bar management. The best part is that the author's real last name is Charming. You know she's got the goods to make this one happen.
via Days That End In Y

Hemingway & Bailey’s Bartending Guide to Great American Writers is written by Mark Baily and Ernest's grandson, Edward Hemingway. If I was writing papers in college and I had that guy's name, I'd just sign it "E. Hemingway." How DARE they give me anything but an A????

The book is all about your favorite authors and what they drink/drank. It even goes in to the recipes, so you can make sure you're drinking the right thing. What Bourbon goes with Old Man and the Sea, anyways?
via Drink of the Week 2.0


Anonymous said…
The writer book looks pretty awesome. I enjoy this emerging trend of cocktail books that relate to other parts of society. Straight recipes can be pretty boring to read.

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