The Champagne of Lagers

Well, it's actually a Champagne AND a Lager and helps you with those Champagne tastes on a beer budget. The drink is designed to help those that are stuck on beer to branch out a bit to the bubbly.

The beer is bottled then injected with Ale yeast. The cork is then conditioned for two weeks and voila! You have champagne/lager/beer/bubbly stuff.

A bottle is the same size as a wine bottle and is expected to be sold at clubs and other upscale places that will charge you lots for it. The stuff sells as "King Cobra" in the rest of the world, but trademarking wouldn't allow them to do it in the U.S. So they went with Krait, which is another snake in the Cobra family. That's right! Martini-Lounge helps you impress your friends with random facts!

Krait Prestige - US$13 for 750ml bottle


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