Cigars for wine

Most cigars "murder" the wine you're drinking, according to Mike Ratcliffe, producer of the Vilafonte wine label. So rather than search for cigars that are complimentary, he made one of his own.

The Series X cigar is designed to compliment the red wine you're drinking rather than overpower it. It uses a Dominican wrapper and Cuban seed tobacco, this combination gives the cigar a lighter and sweeter taste than most of the cigars out there.

He's still focused on the wine and is doing this as more of a hobby, so don't think they're entering the market. You can tell because in order to get them you have to e-mail an "offer to purchase" to them. I'm sure they'll get right back to you.

Vilafonte Cigars


Dominik MJ said…
It is not only that cigars destroy the taste of wine- wine is a really difficult partner for the cigar. There are tanins, which doubles the bitterness and makes it to much! There are acids which are the worst for a cigar (sour tobacco - awful!). I think this product is just again a marketing result - wether of a wine, nor of a cigar lover!
Unknown said…
Thanks for the comment - yes, we are having a lot of fun with the cigars - but this is really the beginning of the development of our understanding. Is it realistic to say that there will never be the perfect cigar/wine match? I don't know - but lets see if we can raise our game to try to get cigars and wine to pair in an advanced manner as the evolutionary science of wine and food.
Mike Ratcliffe

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