DH Krahn Gin Review

It's always a happy day in my house when a cylindrical box shows up on the doorstep. My wife knows that, on that night, I will sample a new alcohol product and one of the closets will get half-painted before I pass out and she can dress me up in her clothes.

Well, as soon as DH Krahn launched this November my wife went shopping. She knew that it wouldn't be long before she'd need a new wardrobe to dress me up in and when I saw the box waiting at my door I immediately headed out to find some sensible pumps as they had sent not one, but two bottles.

The Bottle
The long, tall bottle with art deco markings could easily be mistaken for a new vodka, but that's really the last thing we need, don't we? It's got a long, sleek look that will look great at any bar.

The Smell
DH Krahn is all about subtleties. I made myself a martini and sniffed it all in. The smell of Juniper was definitely there but it was a gentle, mellow scent that had a crisp and clean feel to it, the smell was so good I could almost taste it and it made my wouth water.

The Taste
Oh, the taste. It was like fairies, and sunrises, and sleepovers, and butter, all rolled in to one. This stuff is amazing. You can give this as a drink to pretty much any type of drinker and they'll announce proudly to the world that they do, indeed, love gin. Lemon and ginger keep the taste gentle and refreshing.

One of the things I noticed is that, with most gins, by your last few sips, you're thinking of ordering a fresh one. This stuff does not have that problem. The gin opens up nicely as you drink it and the last taste is just as yummy as the first. That's right, I said it, "Yummy."

The Verdict
DH Krahn has easily earned a place on my bar shelf and will stay there for some time to come. It's smooth taste and unique flavors make it a great bottle to keep around for anyone who wants a drink. Smooth and delicate rule the day here and I can't think of a better gin to use for an evening of martinis.

DH Krahn Gin


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