The MySpace of Wine

As everyone is trying to push how they're the next MySpace, it was only a matter of time before someone started doing it in the wine world.

The Wine Experience allows members to upload articles, blogs and a daily audio Podcast of The Wine Experience Radio Show. They can also comment on existing articles and participate in a variety of wine forums.

Creating community and allowing for lots of user input is a fantastic idea and Wine Experience seems to be getting it on a good way to do that for people that like to drink the fermented grapes.

But wait! Look! Another site that prides itself on how they're not wine snobs! THAT IS SO CLEVER! I'm so over how the latest wine blog/site/forum tries to sell itself on being for the everyday joe then gets inundated with commenters/members that laugh everyone else off the site by talking about how their latest bottle of 1985 AssGrape is clearly a result of excellent tannins.

Unless you're proving it everyday, like HipTastes, then you can shut it about how common you are. Just BE that kind of site, don't push it on us in your weak slogan. I'm thinking of starting a site only for snobs, in rebellion to all these sites for commoners.

The Wine Experience


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