Rolling Wine Barrel Bar

Oak barrels are the greyhounds of the wine world. Once they've completed their often short lifecycle, they are quickly discarded, never to be heard from again. With over 800,000 barrels thrown out every year only the lucky few will find a new home aging tequila, or some other alcohol that needs their unique flavors.

Many others find themselves with nothing to do, often turning to a life of crime just to get by. Here's where YOU can make a difference

For the price of 18 cups of coffee a day, you can give this classic wine barrel a new home, a new purpose on life. It opens nicely to display two shelves for glass and bottle storage. It also has rolling casters on the bottom to help you easily move it around the house, insuring that it will never be in your way in its new, permanent home.

Rolling Wine Barrel Bar - US$689


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