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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Thrillist Contest

Some of the lady readers of this blog are probably Daily Candy subscribers, the daily e-mail newsletter that talks about what's hot in fashion, beauty, and other things that girls seem to care a lot about. It's actually through one of our female readers that subscribes to Daily Candy that I found my favorite bar, Bourbon and Branch.

Well men, no need for vagina envy, Thrillist has you covered with a daily newsletter about stuff YOU care about, like food, drinks, gadgets, and grooming. Well, I've met some of you, grooming may not be that high up on the list. And unlike the mail sitting in your inbox which is mostly about making money on real estate foreclosures or someone trying to get your password to your favorite porn sites, this is an e-mail you may actually read.

They even have a nice incentive for you to sign-up. Sign-up right now and you'll be added in to their contest to win a few bottles of booze to help stock your bar in their weekly "Win-A-Bar" sweepstakes. You could get:

1 Bottle of Orange V Vodka
1 Bottle of DH Krahn Gin
1 Bottle of Mae de Ouro Cachaca
1 Bottle of Khukri Coronation Rum
1 Metrokane Bullet Cocktail Shaker

News and booze, not a bad combination.

Win-A-Bar Giveaway and newsletter sign-up